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We believe that your car is trying to talk to you. Sure it only has pictures to communicate what it needs, but pictures are the earliest and longest lasting form of communication. Think of how we’ve evolved to use pictures again, in the form of emojis on our phones and computers.

Your car’s sensors are no different, and we believe that by helping you understand what your car is trying to tell you, you can enjoy a higher quality of operating the car. Knowing what needs to be fixed, or what to upgrade for a better system is paramount to enjoying your ride.


Automotivesensors prides itself on being a resource to help people understand everything their car could be trying to tell them. With so many models of cars on the market, and differing sources of information, trying to take care of a car is difficult, and sourcing the right information based on a sensor’s code can be nearly impossible.

Connected vehicles gear up

We are here to help, by offering a range of factual information on all makes, models, and numerous years of manufactures on the most common issues with sensors. What they are, what they mean, and even tutorials on how to replace them, or where to even find them within the vehicle, are the types of things you’ll find here.

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